Must have tools for every baker

It’s important to have a well-equipped kitchen as it paves your path to successful baking. The idea of having all these tools is to make your baking effortless. Each tool listed below is relevant in its own special way. 

  1. Baking Pans: My favorite pans are the ones with thick walls. They are so resourceful and are perfect for baking.
  2. Heavy gauge Baking sheets: Always go forQualityrather than quantity, as surely you want your baked goods to turn out perfectly. These sheets distribute heat uniformly and all you will get is worth.
  3. Kitchen scale: Accuracy is key to achieve the best results with all your recipes. This type of scale is multipurpose, it can be used to measure your ingredients and for baking.
  4. Round cutters: These are basic cookie cutters, but I also use them when I make doughnuts. So you see, I don’t stock very baking tools I improvise from what I have. 
  5. Measuring cups: What I’ve realized in baking is that you can’t interchange the measuring utensils if you want the finest results. I know at times you might get tempted to use the spoons. That is a big NO understand that cups are to measure liquids.
  6. Measuring spoons: Baking entails a lot of measuring, so, make sure that you choose the one that is clearly marked and easy to read.
  7. Metal Mixing bowls: I buy these in different sizes, and they become so handy for my baking variety.
  8. Whisks: This is one tool I’m crazy about; I collect a variety of them in different colors and sizes. This is my adorable tool and is low-cost.
  9. Rolling pin: I’ve seen  a rolling pin in so many homes before I even developed interest in baking. This cylinder is used to shape and flatten dough and it comes in different sizes.
  10. Spoon shaped spatula: This is a multipurpose tool you can use to scrap your dough and is excellent for mixing.
  11. Cookie Spatulas: Let’s say you have an order, the last thing you want is to deliver cookies that are broken, and so this is a must have.
  12. Hand mixer: Sometimes small is just what you need, especially for simple things like whipping cream or whipping eggs. There is no need for a big machine.
  13. Stand mixer: if you don’t like to mix using your hands ,you are like me. This gadget has been made for you but let me advise you to choose a heavy-duty motor, it will never fail you especially when you are making bulk amounts 
  14. Cooling racks: Besides cooling cookies and cakes, they are great for catching any drips of dipped or glazed cookies.

In conclusion, baking shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun. I have learned that there’s a personal attachment to every choice preferred. A variety of aspects are considered when acquiring baking tools, for example some consider their culture and others consider their creativity. I for one, consider my niche when purchasing equipment.

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