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Hi, nice to meet you

I’m Daniel and I’m a pastry chef. 

For years I used to bake as a hobby in my free time.  

I was a young student for a technological degree, who works in the mornings and studies in the evenings and return directly to the kitchen to bake because there is no better way to relax from the long day than melt chocolate ganache, and because sleep hours are overrated.  

After experience in the marketing and technological field I decided to do something I learned from Disney movies in my childhood – to go with my heart, to do something that I have a passion for and I would enjoy from ,because at the end you are best in what you really love to do.

At the beginning I baked recipes from cookbooks, and my best costumers were my friends and family. But in some point I got bored with the existing recipies and I started developing and writing recipes by myself.

At one point I decided to upgrade my technique and to decorate desserts for special occasion. 

About my business

We all want our special event to be unforgettable, we want it to be flavorful and beautiful in a way that it will be “The talk of the town.”

And what better way to do this than by sending our gusets home with a sweet taste in their mouth. 


I create, and bake ,desserts and petit fours ,for various events including weddings, businesses events, and privet occasions. 

Whether you are a young mom celebrating the birth of your baby, an event planner who wants to create an amazing event or a boss who wants to impress your costumers I will help you to come up with the perfect dessert menu.

To me, baking desserts is more than just a job, it is a passion and an art that deserves love and dedication. I get the inspiration for my petit-four from different countries around the world, and bring the best of all cultures to my costumers. 


I would like to bring my vision and inspiration to your event.

I would be happy to meet with you to understand your needs and see how I can help you to create the perfect event. 




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