10 skills to seriously up your baking

If you want to up your game in baking, ensure that you know your industry, study it well and acquire exciting knowledge continuously. Knowledge brings effectiveness, flow of ideas and at the end you obtain great results. I am sure by now you are looking forward to acquiring skills to master your baking.

Learn new techniques, tools, flavoring, and any other exciting things to develop you ensure that. 

Think about it ,if a celebration is new, why use the same old design of a cake for every celebration ?

Use of equipment/Tools:

There’s a variety of equipment to use while baking, ranging from the measuring devices, heating elements and more. But the truth of the matter is that you do not need to buy all the equipment, all you need to do is to first find your niche or specialty . Then you can use your niche to guide you on which tool you need to priorities. 

The list I have created can be used by a full-time baker or a person who bakes for fun. So, rule no1 I have is to ensure that you know how to effectively use your tools. This will help you to produce top quality baked products, also bear in mind that safety comes first.   

Follow online tutorials:

There’s plenty of baking tutorials online and some are free. By engaging with people in-line with your journey will help you discover your niche.

You can write your own notes the way you understand. That way you will be able to master whatever recipe you were seeking, but of course with practice, fun and consistency.

Research baking recipes:

Internet is a great resource for learners. Research should be your next hobby after baking. It is so empowering to be up-to-date. You will be able to find all what you want on internet. Websites. The content on the websites is amazing. 

Read baking books:

The wealth of knowledge from old books is amazing. Anyway, I’m not surprised because baking is an old practice, therefore getting a variation of ideas is a brilliant way to success. I like books because it is an easy rich reference in case you get lost along the way.  

Enroll in a baking class:

There’s a lot of institutions and individuals that offer baking classes and what I enjoyed most is hands on experience.

These days Supermarkets offer tutorials on baking. So, you can find the nearest supermarket that offers such services.

Watch television baking programs:

Television networks have a variety programs that are aired regularly. You will find qualified instructors with years of experience.

Volunteer or apply to be a trainee: Consider being a trainee even if the company does not offer compensation. This is where you learn some basic baking skills.

Choose a specialty:

Specializing on something you enjoy doing will give you an opportunity to acquire more knowledge on that specific product, and that elevates you to another level and opening new opportunities.

Get certified:

Although some of know that there is this thing called self-teaching, there’s still a lot of people who respect on the ones who are from behind the desk. So, because of that I would like to encourage people to get a qualification.

Inspire your creativity:

There are days whereby you feel stuck, in this case you should allow yourself permission to get inspired. My inspiration is triggered by nature, so when I feel stuck, I find time to connect to nature and that connection is going for hiking. 

Unlearn the baking myths:

I know this might not make sense for now but let me tell you along the way you might meet some obstacles that will make you remember silly myths. So, don’t say I did not warn you. 

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